How Buying SEO Backlinks Can Help Or Hurt A Business Depending On The Company You Choose

Google has brainwashed the common businessowner into think that buying backlinks simply does not work. The only problem with this is that every reputable SEO company has data to prove this is not the case at all. Links are still what helps drive rankings for keywords with a top position resulting into a larger number of leads via the website than being on the 2nd or 3rd page. The company or freelancer that is having links purchased from them needs to be vetted or referred personally. Putting the livelihood of a business on the line by hiring a company that uses only blackhat marketing techniques can lead to the company website being deindexed by Google. The death penalty for a website is another way to put being deindexed with quite a few hoops to jump through to get back into Google’s good graces. The following are tips to buying backlinks as well as the benefits as well as potential risks of purchasing backlinks for your business’ website.

Ramp Up A Link Building Campaign To See Benefits Over Time

The aspect that plenty of companies do not understand is that Google wants to see a natural backlink profile. If a website is averaging 5 backlinks a month it is not going to look natural if they hit 750 the next month. Google will not penalize a site for a piece of content that went viral as they will see the link is going back to a piece of content. A natural progression of increasing links monthly will simply look like the marketing team is taking initiative to build backlinks. Tools like LinkLifting can generate backlinks that are organic while buying link would be considered inorganic. Buying links and generating semi-automated links with LinkLifting provides ROI that is far superior to that of nearly any PPC campaign.

Even Large Brands Buy Backlinks And Have Been Caught

Large brands that are in intense competition with others have been caught buying links as well as doing some downright shady marketing in terms of their SEO. Expedia was caught doing these things and was penalized by Google for a period of time. The deindexing of the site could have violated antitrust laws due to Google technically being a competitor of Expedia with Google Flights. Smaller brands can start to compete with larger companies through buying backlinks. This has to be done in the correct way with a trusted company like Link Lifting. Other companies might publish an immense number of backlinks that are on sites that become penalized or the links removed. We identify the best targets for a specific brand in regards to their overall SEO and backlink needs. A few things to note:

  • Take a look at the posts on the front page of a site, if every single one has obvious sponsored links this site could be considered a link farm.
  • Doing keyword research can help create anchor texts and URLs for the backlink campaign.
  • Checking backlinks that are being built weekly is important as negative SEO is when links are built on sites in order to incur a penalty. This has become far more common as it takes time and budget to disavow these links.

How Organic Outreach Is Done To Build Links

Outreach levels differ immensely as there is manual outreach or bulk emailing. There are a few ways to build links through outreach and they are outlined below.

  • Resource page links are when a company creates a quality piece of content that informs and can be referred to by others in the industry. Outreach professionals often ask websites if they would like to include this in their next relevant article. At times, these companies will also create content that includes their link but many if this link is included naturally do not disclose this to an editor.
  • When companies are willing to build backlinks to blog posts or resources as mentioned above there can be entire campaigns of outreach where the company is not disclosing their intentions to build a link. Companies that are willing to pay editors for links can be fully transparent and usually make the publishing of the link far faster/easier.
  • Bulk emailing a copious number of sites with a generic pitch dependent on niche of sites can yield reasonable results. A known author or author on publications that are relevant or impressive can catch the eyes of the editorial team. Brands often times partner with authors like this in order to build links that will add extreme amounts of value due to the traffic this author gets on their publications.
  • Offering links on websites that a link builder has access to is a popular way to make a trade if the budget to buy links is not extremely high. Editors might become wary of this if a person is offering a link immediately on their site as an exchange. This could mean there are hundreds of low-quality links on the site as offering the link could be a part of their main generic pitch.
  • Broken link building is the process of finding broken links on the site in order to replace them with links that are working and possibly contain more relevant information as it is more recent.

All of these tactics can yield results but it depends on the authority of sites a business is targeting. A less customized approach can work just fine for people looking for sites that are Domain Authority 30 or less. For those sites that are Domain Authority 60 and above an outreach professional has to be far more tactical. There are even application and interview processes to become a writer for these larger publications.

Link Networks Are Taken Down Regularly

There have been a number of link networks that have been decimated by Google in the past. PBNs or Private Blog Networks are used to generate links with a network of sites run by the same or cooperating entities. With this being said that does not mean that PBNs that have integrity cannot generate decent results for a company. These results can be temporary though as a PBN that accepts gambling and pharmacy links is a ticking bomb ready to go off resulting in a Google penalty. Spending money for PBN links can be done but it is tough to rationalize paying for something in terms of links as well as content creation that will eventually lead to having to disavow the links on those sites. When considering using a PBN take into account the following:

  • Look at the quality of the content as sites that accept 250-word blog posts that have little value just for a link are asking for issues.
  • Gambling links, pharmacy links, and payday loan links need to be found as if these are present, you do not want to have your link put on this network.
  • Content that is completely irrelevant to the site is a sign of a poorly run PBN that will most likely be penalized sooner rather than later.
  • Asking the person that runs the PBN about rules for publishing posts can be all you need to know. Those with no rules will most likely encounter problems while PBNs with more strict requirements have a chance to benefit a business without a negative consequence.

Below is what a poorly run PBN can do in terms of a penalty from Google when this is the main source of backlinks being built.

Buying low-quality backlinks

The traffic of the site plummeted after the PBN was penalized but the owner of the site also admitted to thin content being produced. The combination of thin content and a PBN is asking for trouble as it is everything Google has preached against in terms of Webspam and digital marketing.

Publishing Content On Top Publications Can Result In A Myriad Of Organic Backlinks

Buying backlinks in guest posts on top publications with the right content can lead to hundreds of organic backlinks. An article on Huffington Post could generate quite a few backlinks simply by website reposting the article or quoting the article. The content is the most important aspect in this method as putting up generic content after buying a link on a top site is a waste of budget. This will have SEO benefits but it will not reap the full potential of these benefits. With this being said, a company cannot force a piece of content to go viral but promotion through social media shares can expand a piece of content’s overall reach to the consumer. The following are tips to create content and pick sites to purchase backlinks on:

  • Metrics like Domain Authority or Trust Flow are both used by many companies to determine the quality of a site.
  • Content that has done well in the industry in the past can be seen with tools like Buzzstream can allow a company to see topics that are sure to engage readers.
  • Social media shares from site content need to be included in this decision-making process as social shares play a role in SEO.
  • Remember that having a freelancer write the content is an option but make sure they write in the brand’s target voice.

A Link On A Site With Great Traffic Is Worth Far More Than One On A Blog With Zero Organic Traffic

Organic traffic of websites helps Google rank a specific publication to give it authority on a topic. Those that have very little to zero organic traffic will not yield the results that a site with regular traffic has. The social aspect of SEO also incorporates the social media presence of a site as well as the engagement social media posts have when sharing a particular piece of content. Not only is this link more valuable but it has a higher chance of resulting in a sales lead or sale than a website made to build links on rather than providing quality content. Utilizing tools like Majestic SEO or other metric based tools to evaluate site authority are very important. At times a site can look trustworthy and like a legitimate publication even though it was developed just to sell links on. A team of marketers that evaluate sites can allow you to find those that would be perfect for a business’ target demographic to publish a link on.

6 Steps That Will Allow You To Buy Links Correctly And For Maximum Benefit

  1. Finding the right company that provides automation with a human touch like that of LinkLifting is important. Complete automation will not always lead to link built on the sites a company would want so a human working with the automation is imperative. Taking a look at different companies is important as digital marketing companies that all you to buy links differ in quality immensely.
  2. Ask for results garnered by previous link acquisition and buying campaigns by the company. Most companies are willing to show these if they have them as it just takes a few edits to obscure client information to keep is private.
  3. Companies that say they do not buy or pay for links in anyway are far and few between. Companies that say that buying links does not work could not be further from the truth so they are either lacking knowledge or intentionally misleading you. Buying links works and can help maximize the impacts of an organic marketing campaign.
  4. Create a cost versus website metrics guide so the company can avoid overpaying for certain links as they do not provide the same ROI. Basing this on organic traffic or domain authority is quite common as is using Trust Flow or Citation Flow. Find which metrics tend to give the company the result it desires as these can differ depending if trying to drive leads, backlinks, or traffic to the website.
  5. Understand that companies doing genuine guest post outreach for organic backlinks might take time to start generating results if the company’s niche is very specific. For more common businesses digital marketing companies can drive results quickly due to established relationships with publications as well as their editors.
  6. Keyword research being done correctly makes all of the difference as it will allow the company to target words they are not ranking well for and strengthen those that they are. A mix of links should be done as well as linking to one page 50 times in a month without any other pages screams that links are being paid for.

The buying of links is still as healthy as ever in terms of delivering results like it always has. Keeping the tactic of buying links will allow you to stay ahead of competitors that have marketing companies refusing to purchase these links. Avoid link buying that could potentially ruin the rankings on the search engines the company has climbed up month after month. Buy links and make it look organic to Google because if this search giant has no issue with it, then it should be smooth sailing.

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