Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LinkLifting?
A: LinkLifting is a semi-automated SEO service with real Western Hemisphere humans pulling the strings. It helps your website to be ranked higher is the search engines, and thus get more organic search traffic and leads/sales.

LinkLifting can be considered as an alternative or an addition to another forms of online advertising. In most cases LinkLifting gives a higher return-on-investment (ROI) compared to pay-per-click (PPC) or banner adverting (see examples below).

No technical skills required to start using LinkLifting. Just type your website and a target country, and our system will automatically suggest you the most promising keywords for promotion. Top-up your balance, activate your project, and LinkLifting starts its work.

Q: How may keywords should I use in my project?
A: Common rule — the more, the better. Our most successful clients use over 10-20 keywords per project. They should not be expensive, $15-30 per keyword is OK in most cases, however if you are using highly competitive keywords, our recommendation will be $50-100 per keyword.

Q: What's an optimal monthly budget for my project?
A: It depends on your website and competition. We don't recommend SEO projects below $100/month, as it will be less effective than PPC (pay per click) advertising in most cases. Our studies tell that SEO become more effective than PPC at about $300-500 per month for an average website. For low-competitive niches you can start SEO for $200/month. High-competitive websites require $700-1000/month to be more effective than PPC.

Comparison of effectiveness by advertising channels

Q: Can you help me to find some good keywords?
A: Yes! We'll be happy to help you. Just email us with your website and targeted country.

Q: What techniques do you use to improve rankings for my target keywords?
A: We employ a combination of off-site SEO techniques ranging from link building to social signals. Our huge database of more than 10,000 high quality donor websites lets us build a diverse variety of links to your website, creating steady rankings. All active projects are checked by our SEO experts, who provide website optimization advices. Additional SEO services (e.g. press release and video marketing) are also available for our customers.

Q: Do you do blackhat SEO?
A: No, we don’t. Blackhat SEO involves illegal activities such as hacking, spam and unethical link spam. Our process does not use black hat tactics. Instead, we use reliable, proven tactics such as link development, social media posting and other proprietary techniques to improve your rankings and help you generate more traffic from organic search.

Q: What can I expect in terms of ROI? Is your service better than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?
A: Each case is unique, but in most cases our SEO activity brings more return on your investment that a paid advertisement (e.g. Google Adwords). An exception are small websites with 5-10 pages - PPC may work better for them. A common rule is as follows: the more pages your website has, the more effective an SEO will be, compared to a PPC advertising. That's why we recommend adding new pages regularly.

For the websites having 100+ pages LinkLifting's ROI is much higher, than a PPC one. Please check the organic traffic screenshots below, made my SEMRush analytic service. As you can see, a cost of extra visitor coming from search engines due to LinkLifting's activity lays in the range of 3-30 cents, which is several times lower then typical commercial PPC bids.

Q: How soon will I see an improvement in rankings using LinkLifting?
A: It depends on a variety of factors, the biggest of which is SEO competition for your target keywords. If you follow the budget our system recommends, you can expect to see your first results in about one month (see examples below).
Website Performance

Q: How do I track my website's progress?
A: Positions are important, but more important is your SE traffic and leads/sales. We monitor just a few main keywords you added, but there are a lot of long-tail less-competitive keyword that bring you traffic/leads/sales - those keywords are raising, too. As long as we promote your entire website, its rank raises, and long-tail keywords raising as well. So your most important metrics is your ROI. We're on the same side - the more your sale, we longer you stay with us.

Q: Where do you get the keyword position from? We have checked our keywords ranking and the results are not the same as per the LinkLifting dashboard.
A: We check positions with our own server network. Our servers are located across US. This may case some differences in measurements, but mostly our data is correct. For an independent 3rd party position test we recommend WhatsMySERP.

Q: Are the links that you create permanent, or are the links removed when my budget runs out?
A: We use a combination of leased and permanent links, as well as social media links, to create results. This backlink variety allows us to create a natural link profile for your website, leading to improved rankings and SEO success.

Even if you decide to quit and stop using LinkLifting, some of your backlinks will still remain.

Q: Can I see the backlinks that LinkLifting creates to my site?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t display our backlink sources publicly. This is to prevent our database of high quality donor websites from being abused or publicized. Our proprietary algorithm works around the clock to check that your backlinks are active and working to improve your rankings.

If you’re interested in viewing the growth of your website’s backlinks, you can see growth using third party tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic. Moreover, link building isn’t the only technique we use to improve your rankings — it’s one of several tools in our arsenal.

Q: What if I stop my project?
A: Website promotion and search engine optimization is an ongoing process, so we recommend you don’t stop your campaign if you’re interested in remaining ahead of your competitors. If you decide to stop your project with LinkLifting, your website will gradually begin to lose its rankings. Over time, without the high quality links and link diversity provided by LinkLifting, your website will eventually return to its original search engine positions. Since some of your backlinks may remain, there may be a small residual SEO benefit.

The secret to our success is that we use a complex matrix of permanent backlinks, as well as temporary highly effective temporary leased backlinks to elevate your website in search results. The best candidate websites from which to procure these backlinks are identified algorithmically by our proprietary system. When a project is stopped (either by your decision, or by running out of funds), it will automatically suspend all new SEO activity, more importantly, it will cause the termination of all leased backlinks. Should this happen, it may result in undesirable effects on your achieved search ranking.

Only stop your project if you're certainly sure that LinkLifting doesn't work for you. Weren't your traffic/leads/sales growing? Make sure that you followed our recommended budgets, optimization advices, and had run your project for at least two months. We recommend you to contact us before quitting - we will double check your situation and come up with our backup plan.

Q: There is an option of changing the promoted URLs. Why do I need this?
A: With this option you are more flexible while building your backlink profile: it is more natural from the search engines' point of view when the backlinks are targeted to different pages of your website.

When you start your project at LinkLifting, our system tries to determine the most relevant pages for each keyword. But sometimes it fails, or you have some special needs, so we allow our customers to change the target URLs.

Q: Is LinkLifting safe? Can my site be penalized by search engines?
A: LinkLifting automatically recommends a budget that results in safe link building to your website, even if your website is brand new. If you’re worried about being penalized for rapid link building, you can start with a lower budget to create slower, steadier link growth.

The links LinkLifting creates are natural, high quality backlinks on real websites that signal that your website is a trustworthy resource and don’t trigger penalty actions from Google.

Every website is unique, but in the majority of cases we don’t recommend that you exceed the default recommended budget by more than 3-5 times unless you have an established website that’s in a highly competitive niche and you’re an experienced SEO professional.

Q: How do you charge for your service?
A: Using LinkLifting is easy, and you have full control over your budget. Before you can start your campaign, you need to fund your account with a budget for your first month. From then, you can activate your project and we’ll deduct 1/30th of your monthly budget every day.

All you need to do to keep LinkLifting active is to fund your account and keep your balance positive to avoid service interruptions. When your balance is running low, we’ll send you an email reminder notifying you that it’s time to fund your account.

Q: Who are you?
A: We are a team of experienced Internet marketers, SEOs and software developers located in Finland, with over 15 years of industry experience. We developed LinkLifting to offer the same high quality link building services to you as we offer to our business and enterprise clients.

Any other questions? Please contact us.

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