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LinkLifting is a performance-oriented semi-automatic SEO service for small and medium businesses. It's driven by real Western Hemisphere internet marketing professionals

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Are you tired of paying your SEO company hourly fees for uncertain job and colorful reports?

You’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses spend big money on SEO without any real results. Whether you’re a business owner looking for better rankings for your single website, a freelance SEO consultant doing work for a client, or an employee at a large SEO company interested in outsourcing your current projects, LinkLifting will give more value for your money. SEO is a time-consuming, difficult process, and it’s important that you spend most of your time and SEO budget on the two aspects of SEO that directly contribute to higher rankings:

Better on-page SEO and powerful backlinks

Here’s how LinkLifting will help you:

To launch a project, all you need is to enter a promoted website URL and target SEO keywords or phrases in the form above. Our system will automatically suggest the most relevant pages of your website for promotion, another promising keywords, and recommended monthly budget to achieve your results.

Every day, our system will scan out massive database of tens of thousands of high quality donor websites to find effective backlinking opportunities. As soon as it finds a match for your website, it will add a powerful, relevant backlink pointing straight to your target page.

  • There’s no need for you to send email after email to website owners and bloggers.
  • There’s no need to pay an SEO agency huge fees for a fraction of the results.
  • There’s no need to worry about your website never moving up in the rankings.

Instead of spending your time and money on SEO strategies that don’t deliver results, you earn great links from highly relevant websites at a fraction of the cost you’d pay an SEO agency for lower quality, less relevant links. Even nowadays, quality backlinks are the singular most important element for successful SEO.

The second most important factor is a great content and a proper on-site optimization. Our expert team will check your websites for possible issues and provide optimization tips and advices. LinkLifting lets you spend your time running your business instead of doing monkey job. Just create a LinkLifting project, set your budget and watch as we report daily on your website’s SEO progress.

You’re in total control of your budget, every step of the way

No matter how small or big your SEO goals are, you have full control of your spending when you use LinkLifting. Our system will automatically suggest a budget for your website based on your target SEO keywords, but you’re free to adjust it at any moment in your campaign.

If your market isn’t too competitive, you’ll see a measurable return on your investment without having to spend very much. If your market is highly competitive, you can adjust your LinkLifting budget until you begin to see the rankings, traffic and revenue you’re aiming for.

Our system will track your website’s position every day, giving you a real-time look at how you’re ranking for your target keywords. From long tail keywords to high-volume search terms, you can monitor your progress and modify your budget with full control over your campaign.

Get daily progress reports and regular on-site optimization help

Instead of waiting for a monthly report on your rankings, you can monitor your website’s search engine optimization progress with LinkLifting’s daily position monitoring. Every day, you can see how much progress your website has made for its target search keywords.

Better yet, our expert SEO team will constantly review your website’s on-page SEO and send a bi-weekly* report with our optimization recommendations. Not only will you build great links with LinkLifting -- you’ll also receive detailed, actionable help with your website’s on-page SEO.

There are some additional internet marketing services available to our customers:

  • Video Creation Service
  • Writing & Distribution of Press Releases
  • YouTube Video Promotion

This all leads to three great results for your business: better search engine rankings, a steady stream of traffic from potential customers, and more revenue.

Are you interested in referring more customers to us?

With our SEO affiliate program you can earn commissions by referring your customers to our service. You will get paid a percentage of whatever your referrals are paying us on a monthly basis for as long as they remain our customers. The exact percentage depends on total sales volume for the month. Our top affiliate partners are making thousands of dollars every month.

Please, contact us for more details.


Awesome! I'm impressed, truly am. Link building is our toughest assignment and having the ability to outsource our link building means more time to bring in new business and generate great content, as well as everything else. I know for a fact these are the type of results people want. If you can make it better, do it. Develop more. The system works.
Richard Hale, Hale Associations

Wow, Alex I had to tell you that I am sooooo impressed with the results of the project! Amazing!!!! Please feel free to publish my feedback in your website.
Maria Calderon, www.tobris.com

I have used Adwords and other SEO companies with very little success. I discovered LinkLifting and decided to give it a try. After one week, I saw some of my most important key words on the front of Google. I have never had this kind of success before. The process almost too easy and fast! I highly recommend LinkLifting.
Jeffrey Seppi, seppitechnology.com

I would love to give you a review, but as you can probably understand and see from our projects, that competition in this sector is fierce and anywhere my name or company name appears, they will track this and then look to engage similar companies or methods of SEO. I apologise, but I simply cannot do this.
Undisclosed User

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