Monthly SEO Services: Why SEO Is Not A One-Time Cost

A decade ago, SEO was something only marketers and those that owned certain niches of business has knowledge about. Now SEO is at the forefront of business with online searches being a way of life for people with smartphones as well as tablets. The lack of marketing in regards to SEO can lead to competitors coming up far ahead in search results which can result in immense numbers of online leads. SEO does not rank how good a product or service is but rather how a website is set up as well as how it is marketed. Showing up on the first page of search results is going to garner more traffic and leads from search engines results than if the company website shows up on the 3rd page. The truth is that a company needs to consistently work on their SEO instead of investing in it once. The following are reasons and areas that require consistent investment over time to have the best ROI on marketing spend.

Content Marketing Needs To Be Done Monthly

Content marketing needs to be done monthly in order to continually rank for keywords as well as attract traffic. Offsite content marketing is the most effective as it generates backlinks that will be discussed below. A company with the ability to create content that over time can lead them to be viewed as a thought leader in the industry can do a myriad of things. This will lead to writers referencing their work/content as well as generate sales as working with an industry thought leader is attractive to nearly every customer.

A consistent brand voice can be achieved through using a reliable SEO/digital marketing agency to source marketing campaigns to. Giving these companies ideas for content will allow them to take the idea then utilize previous data from other campaigns to create the perfect angle for the content.

What to focus on in terms of content marketing which is directly related to SEO:

  • Write for the reader then take time to optimize keywords as well as headings for SEO.
  • There is a chance that you can find your own writer for lower than agency rates that will also help provide stability in writing style.
  • Create content that others in the industry will want to link to as it will provide value to readers of content on sites and in articles contributed.
  • The amount of traffic that is generated from content marketing needs to be tracked with tool like that of Google Analytics to see the true value of a piece of content.

Buying Backlinks And Building Organic Link Over Time Can Lead To A Huge Advantage Over Competition

Buying backlinks works for SEO but a trained eye has to look for the quality of the site. Websites created for the sole purpose of building links that lack quality content cam be penalized and do more harm than good for a company website. Private blog networks owned by different entities need to be used with care as the wrong PBN publishing links can lead to hours of work disavowing links to avoid any search engine penalty. Buying a plethora of backlinks in one month however is an easy way to get noticed in the wrong way by Google. These need to look natural in the sense that the company build up the number built rather than going from 2 links per month to 300.

Outreach is important in building backlinks via guest posting or broken link building. The results of these can at times take a few months as some websites work through a content creation process. The links built in guest posts can also be impacted by editorial times. This should be a constant effort as outreach needs to be done daily in order to build the maximum number of backlinks for a company monthly. Hitting a certain number of guest post links per month can allow a company to see when they will overtake their competitors for a keyword if both companies stay at the same number of links built per month.

Years of SEO backlinks being built can take years to overcome as a competitor. This will put a company years ahead if they invest in monthly SEO services rather than doing a one-time site analysis and backlink campaign. Even with less competitive keywords you can be far ahead on rankings even by building a few per month for years.

Content created for a large publication can lead to hundreds of backlinks from readers linking back to the article or to the site when mentioning the author. A company cannot force a piece of their content to go viral but they can increase this likelihood by promoting it so it reaches the widest audience possible. Infographics, videos, and other types of content can be just as impactful or more than written content. Even tutorial videos can allow a company to build backlinks whether these videos are posted on the company blog or on another website.

Tips when looking at hiring a digital marketing or SEO company:

  • Ask for results from backlinks that were purchased by other customers before signing any agreement to purchase backlinks. There are sites that might have great SEO metrics but yields nothing in terms of organic traffic or clicks.
  • Many companies bill hourly for outreach so insisting on the company using time tracking software for the project can save you money. Unfortunately, there are those companies that say 5 outreach professionals are working on your project when only 1 or 2 actually are.
  • Ask for content examples if the company will be producing content as for offsite publications a company wants to make the best impression possible. Freelancers can be used to produce this as well if a company continually misses the target when it comes to content quality.
  • Asking to see sustained success of a client is important as this is the goal of every company. Only showing short term results could mean they will be using less than ethical tactics that can result in a penalty from Google.

Automated SEO With Human Approval Can Yield Long-Term Results

Automated SEO can be a great way to drive down costs at a company but it doesn’t always yield the best results. LinkLifting offers experienced professionals to assist in eliminating irrelevant links that can harm a site’s SEO at a competitive price to fully automated campaigns. This method has shown to be far better in terms of results garnered without having to pay a huge price. The competitive pricing allows for businesses in any niche with any budget to utilize this service. The ROI delivered has been shown time after time with rankings soaring for companies ever after time periods as small as 3 to 6 months.

Competitors Could Have Stepped Up Their Marketing Game

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” This rings true for SEO as competitors could be nullifying efforts being made by simply putting more time and budget into their SEO-based campaigns. The fluctuation that a business that dealt in ecommerce would see if their competitor launched a huge marketing campaign with a focus on SEO could be immense. Ranking a product page far below a competitor can all but dry up leads garnered from search engines for a specific product/service. Competitor analysis is essential in creating a campaign that will maximize results by using keyword research as well as an inclusive strategy that uses various link building tactics. Stick with a monthly SEO service to avoid having to pour in large amounts at once that might not yield the same type of results.

The image below highlights a 3-month campaign for $650 per month handled by LinkLifting which helped the site reach a top 10 position. The campaign was done in the gambling niche which is one of the most competitive SEO ranking niches as well as often times competitors have massive budgets. A one-month campaign might not be enough to get the results that the company wants but monthly services can allow for these results to be maintained.

SEO Results in 3 months for LinkLifting campaign

Results Are Generated Over Time And Not Through A One-Time Effort

Results can be generated from a one-time campaign but these will not be incredible results. These results come over time so it is going to take patience and pressuring a company to give fast results can lead to them using tactics that will not provide long-term value. For this reason, plenty of SEO and digital marketing agencies have minimum commitments in terms of length of work being done. These can vary from 6 months to multiple year contracts depending on the agency as well as their policies. The rise in competition in terms of digital marketing in all industries is making it imperative to keep up a business’ web presence. Companies that have the right digital marketing team and strategy in place in combination with a quality product/services can guarantee success for years. The immense amount of traffic generated daily on even the most obscure of keywords is astonishing around the world. Take advantage of this immediately as results garnered will be sustainable with a quality company like that of LinkLifting.

Beware of companies that promise the things below:

  • Ranking your website 1st in a matter of a few weeks as this can mean they will be using shady tactics.
  • Promising a specific amount of traffic should worry a company as this might mean paid traffic will be flooding the site.
  • Will not go through their working process thoroughly as nothing to do with a clients’s campaign should be a secret to the client.

Tools Can Show A Company The ROI If Sourcing To A Quality SEO Agency

Reliable companies deliver clear reports that show results rather than offering a confusing explanation of the results. There are so many tools available that can help track the efficiency and success of a marketing campaign. The search engine rankings do tell a huge part of what a client needs to know but they also should see how the competition is approaching marketing. A proficient SEO company uses competitor analysis when creating a strategy for a client. The results will show the company becoming more competitive on multiple keywords if they have done a good job. The more transparent a marketing company is the better as some lesser quality companies try to trick or confuse clients into spending more money when little or no results have been generated.

SEO Best Practices Are Not Always As Intuitive To Those That Are Not Experts

SEO best practices in regards to copywriting or tagging on the website do change from time to time. The stress on things like site speed can impact search engine rankings immensely so picking the right host can make a difference in website SEO. Site evaluation changes with time as Google manipulates their algorithm to make for more organic search results. A regular small business owner might be too busy to stay up to date with the latest trends in SEO so this can lead them to spend money on campaign that will hurt the results of digital marketing. SEO experts are data driven with a focus on quality content as well as relevant backlinks.

SEO is here to stay so finding a reliable SEO or digital marketing agency can save company time and money. These experts work with certain niches daily with the ability to leverage their already established relationships with publishers as well as other business networks. Search engines are going to try to avoid manipulation by marketers but the relentless marketing world has yet to be completely stopped. Take the time to look into SEO monthly services as a subscription could save immense amounts of time and money rather than scrambling when search engine rankings have plummeted. LinkLifting is a great example of a company that does a great job by providing quality work on a consistent basis. Our approach is to be effective long term instead of seeing a spike in rankings only to be penalized later as happens with less reputable company.

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