How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website: Tips, Tricks, And What You Should Know

The majority of website owners whether it is a company website or blog want to increase the amount of organic traffic they received on a monthly basis. There are so many factors that impact organic traffic that an SEO company that tells a person that they only have to build links or fix their website will not yield maximum results. Taking a proactive approach to creating a step by step improvement of the website in various ways that impact traffic is important. Try to change one aspect of the site at a time to see the true impact of the change which can be hard to translate when changing five or six aspects. Experts like those at LinkLifting understand what drives traffic and also want to educate clients. Below are factors that impact organic traffic and what to do if a website wants its organic traffic to continually grow.

Write For Your Readers Rather Than The Search Engines

Conversions through traffic and clicks are going to be an indicator to the search engine a piece of content is high quality. The shares that a piece has on social media as well as links to a piece of content elsewhere all factor into search engine rankings. People do not want to read keyword riddled content that does not flow naturally. There can be keywords but do not overuse them and try to keep in mind the best practices of keyword use. Using the tags appropriately on a WordPress publishing platform can be enough to optimize the piece if specific additions are installed. Writing for readers also incorporates asking them what they would like to see published on the site or if they would like to contribute content. Only publish quality contributed content though as the website does not want to compromise ever on quality of content. Freelance writers can be the perfect affordable way to ramp up content volume without impacting its quality for readers.

Actionable tips for those writing content for readers rather than search engines:

  • A natural tone or formal tone can be taken but saturation of a piece of content with overuse of a word will look unnatural.
  • An editor might catch on to content being written for SEO rather than their readers and might decide to reject a piece they would have published if the keyword density was not as high.
  • Giving freelance writers style guides for articles can allow for the same tone and quality to be produced across different writers.
  • Maximize the tools and tags along with focus keywords in WordPress as well as other publishing platforms. This doesn’t impact the way the content is read by a website visitor but does help the content in terms of SEO.

Create Content Daily If Possible

Content needs to be created on a daily basis when possible as not all pieces of content appeal to readers. Making sure to reach readers a few times weekly with a piece of content can create loyal readers. Readers tend to share content on social media so make these buttons available as it can expand the reach of a particular piece of content. Being able to have a content piece shared by someone with thousands of follows is quite an easy way to increase organic traffic. Podcasting has become increasingly popular as it has the ability to create in-depth content in an interesting way. The truth is that many consumers are not going to spend time reading a 20-page article but are more than willing to listen to a podcast with the same wordcount. Below are tips to help with content creation as well as some things to consider:

  • Transcribing podcasts can turn the podcast into a searchable piece of content that can be used as a resource.
  • Various forms of content need to be experimented with like that of video, podcasts, or even interactive quizzes. With all of the tools that help gather data a company can see which types of content offer the best ROI. The truth is that all business niches are different as are target demographics so there is no one content strategy that encompassed all of these industries.
  • Take the time to find writers in various languages if the website targets customers from around the world. Ranking well throughout the world can allow for maximum traffic to visit the website for entertainment or to shop.

Use Social Media For Promotion Of Content

The use of social media has become synonymous with the promotion of different types of content. A travel website would most likely utilize Instagram for their pictures while using Facebook to link to content they have written. A website that has something to do with cooking or recipes would find Pinterest to be one of their main platforms where they generated traffic for the website. Take the time to look at the comments on posts and to respond as many people simply want to be acknowledged. Scheduling out posts that coincide with the editorial calendar is imperative as this allows for consistent content rather than sporadic content. A website owner might not want to work every single day but will want to publish on social media/website on their off days to possibly attract new readers/visitors. Below are tips for those wanting to use social media to help boost organic traffic to a website.

  • Catchy headlines or sayings on social media are important. One aspect to keep in mind is not to build up a low quality article as this could lead to losing followers thinking the website is spammy instead of quality.
  • Hashtagging with relevant tags is important as well so those interested in the type of content a website producing can easily find it. Lack of tags does not allow the content to truly reach the widest audience possible which is imperative when trying to increase organic traffic.

Daily/Weekly Emails Of Content Published Alerts

Email marketing is a great way to have readers that have stopped visiting the site as well as find new visitors. The email blast should most likely not be done daily as this can lead to those that receive it to mark it as spam. This blast should coincide with the slower times for traffic during the week to boost the traffic during the times of the week traffic dips. Putting thought into these emails is important with a small description of content published. Just putting titles might not do the piece of content justice as it doesn’t give a clear idea of what the content will contain. Below are tips that will help email blasts increase organic traffic:

  • Keep the email blasts very clear and as concise as possible without leaving out important details.
  • Use data to figure out which time and day yields the best results in terms of attracting traffic.
  • Poll readers find out what they would like to see in regards to content. This can help fill the editorial calendar with great ideas that are reader-generated.

Outreach For Potential Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting has been a reliable tactic to drive organic traffic as well as help a website in search engine rankings. The sites that are targeted for guest posting need to be research thoroughly as a quick look might not be enough. There are websites that are built only to build links which can help rankings but will do nothing for organic traffic as the websites have no real readership. Creating a strategy of publishing links via guest posting should have a combination of sites both high and average quality. The more competitive keywords should be reserved for the higher quality publications as it will yield the most benefit. The decision made on the pages that will be targeted for the link building website also have to have an analysis of anchor texts to be used. Buying links does work regardless of what any low-quality SEO agency will tell a company in order to drive up prices for false outreach and articles published. LinkLifting takes pride in the ability to create both paid and organic backlinks which both help in driving up organic traffic. Recommendations for outreaching for guest post opportunities are:

  • Use data to help improve pitches if the outreach strategy a website plans to use is email blasts. These are more generic pitches that can be tailored by niche but do not yield the same open rates/response rates as a custom pitch for a particular editor.
  • Natural anchor texts will raise less suspicion by Google than full URLs which at times cannot be put in naturally regardless of a writer’s skill.
  • Look at the quality of the outbound links of a site if you are unsure if they allow outside content to have company links within them.
  • Create a strategy based on buying links and attaining organic links. Goals should be realistic and should cover a few pages instead of just the homepage or main sales page.

Avoid Upsetting Google With Blackhat Tactics

Digital marketers have been playing a cat and mouse game with Google since the advent of the search engine. Tactics that worked in 2012 do not work in many cases and in some can even lead to a Google penalty. Keyword stuffing is a perfect example of this or hiding backlinks in the code of pages. Even some of the largest companies in the world have been caught doing this like Expedia as they were penalized due to a plethora of blackhat tactics. With all of this being said there are rules that can be broken but they should not be obvious as Google’s word is not law but rather guidelines to avoid penalty. At LinkLifting we utilize the latest techniques that drive results for companies in a variety of niches.

Finding A Company That Can Help Increase Organic Traffic To A Website

Finding a company that can help increase organic traffic is going to be difficult in some respects. There are agencies that are going to charge thousands of dollars per month without guarantee of traffic numbers. Many of these lower quality agencies might even state that more money has to be spent in order to accomplish this goal. The companies that are less than willing to expose their methods should be watched carefully. Doing due-diligence on a company working to increase organic traffic is important. Taking a look at backlinks built is quite easy as many sites obviously sell backlinks. If the company is not transparent about buying backlinks there might be more trouble ahead. A good mix of backlinks that are purchased and organic help websites rank at a much faster level.

LinkLifting is a company that promises results without having to have a massive budget. Below is a sample of a client we worked with over the course of 5 months with a budget of $210 per month. The company dealt with plumbing in the UK and as can be seen there was a massive increase in rankings as well as organic traffic. For local businesses like that of plumbing rankings in the local area can boost online leads immensely. Traffic converting to leads will be the job of the website as well as the sales team.

Organic traffic grows with LinkLifting

Organic traffic is the lifeblood for any website whether it is business-related or not. Buying traffic simply is not going to convert in sales as well as clicks which will be looked down upon by Google. Avoid purchasing fake followers on social media as well as growing a base organically needs to be done over time. Asking for results like there above is essential as companies unwilling to show successful campaigns for other clients might not have the expertise they claim.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of options when it comes to options to increase organic traffic but a website has to create a strategy to do so. Companies that help grow organic traffic can do this but often times put in fluff services in order to increase the monthly price of working with them. LinkLifting offers a combination of both quality and quantity in terms of gaining rankings and organic traffic. The only aspect we do not maximize is the cost as we had an experienced team as well as automated software that is second to none. Organic traffic is important so when outsourcing to increase it there is no better place to look than LinkLifting. We aim to educate our customers as we deliver results in an ethical and clear way.

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