How to create backlinks to your website

Are you looking for ways of getting backlinks to your site? Backlinks play one of the most important roles in improving Google search engine rankings. Getting high quality backlinks to your website will definitely rank you higher, hence leading to a big boom in traffic.

While getting backlinks can be quite tricky, you really don’t need to buy them, although many people do. So, before breaking the bank, know that there are countless other ways to acquire these valuable links. This article will discuss simple and quick strategies you can use to create backlinks.

Create high quality content

One of the best ways of getting backlinks to your site is by creating quality content. Your aim should be to write content that other websites and bloggers will find valuable and relevant. Although this strategy may be quite time-intensive, if you get it right, it is very effective.

There are various kinds of content you can create. You can write how-to guides, list posts, or run quizzes. For example, if you own a fashion blog, you can write an article about how to operate a fashion business with only $100, or about fashion trends that will dominate the year.

Create skyscraper content

Still on content creation, you can also get backlinks by producing skyscraper content. This link building strategy involves finding, improving, and duplicating backlinks of existing content online. Skyscraper content is often extensive and could contain more than 10,000 words.

Start by searching for a topic that is in your preferred niche. After choosing one, proceed to create your own content that is ten times better. Once this is done, now promote your content. Do this by finding all websites linking to the original article, reach out, and encourage them to backlink to your superior article.

Use infographics

Besides written text, you can also use infographics to get backlinks to your website. Infographics are simply graphical representations of information and data. They assist in offering general overviews of topics by breaking down comprehensive concepts into easy-to-understand visuals.

By creating helpful and engaging infographics, you'll be assisting other content creators. They will use them on their sites and backlink them to you as the original creator. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create infographics as there are many online tools you can use to produce them by yourself.

Write testimonials for other websites

Do you know that you can get backlinks to your website by writing a testimonial on another website? This is one simple but very effective strategy. Many online businesses are always looking for testimonials to provide as social proof. In fact, they often display them on their websites.

So, if you are a frequent user of a product or service, you can provide testimonials in exchange for backlinks. However, always find websites that are related to your niche. Additionally, look for those that have a higher domain authority as they are considered by search engines to provide high-quality backlinks.

Find guest blogging opportunities

Guest posting is a tried, tested and excellent strategy of getting backlinks to your site. Many sites usually offer a “write for us” segment or a contributor account where anyone can post an article. They will then allow you to link it your website, either within the text or in the author's bio section.

You can find websites that allow guest blogging by simply doing a Google search. Once you've settled on a particular site, reach out to it and provide a good description of what the article is all about. In addition, ensure you explain the benefits that will accrue to the readers after they have read it.

Look for resource pages

Resource pages are usually jam-packed with lists of links that may be helpful for your audience. For instance, a site geared towards fishing may contain a resource page that has lists of the best fishing places, links to suitable fishing equipment, and fishing tips for novices.

So, if your firm sells fishing-related tools, you can contact the owners of the resource pages and request them to include you in the list. Getting yourself into resource pages will provide backlinks to your website hence more internet traffic from ideal customers and readers.

Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity in recent times. This is a form of marketing where social media personalities who have many followers endorse products and services. Such influencers can promote your site by linking to it, sharing it on social media or writing about you.

Paying an influencer, especially one who has millions of followers may come with huge costs. Luckily, you can strike a deal with micro-influencers who are more affordable and typically more engaging. You can also choose to work with those that will promote your site in exchange for products rather than cash.

Find and fix broken links

This is another easy and quick way of creating backlinks to your website. Broken links are those links that don't work or exist any more on a website. They are usually caused by an improper URL, their removal from a site, or when a website is shifted to another domain.

No matter the reason, this offers a great opportunity for getting backlinks. All you need to do is to reach out to the owner of the broken link and offer your own content as a replacement. However, always ensure that your content is similar to what was initially linked.


There you have it. The aforementioned are among the most effective ways to create backlinks to your site. In addition to these, you can also participate in various discussions on platforms like Quora or get interviewed online by bloggers, vloggers and reputable publications.

Moreover, it's always advisable to get lessons from the best in the industry. Try checking out your competitors in order to know the link-building strategies that make them to be successful. This way, you will boost your Google search rankings which will eventually lead to higher traffic.

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