Best Price Calculators For Your Website

In order not to be outperformed, you have to keep up with the changes. Now, this is especially meaningful if you are a website owner. You would want to get all the extensions and programs you possibly can so as to promote your website and provide your customers with a great user experience. This means, more traffic and happier customers. One of the ways that can greatly contribute to ease-of-use when it comes to your business and website is embedding a price calculator.

In fact, the price calculator is something serious companies and entrepreneurs tend to have on their website, providing their clients with convenience. Now, embedding a price calculator is a win-win situation, and here’s why.

Potential clients won’t have to call you or your employees in order to find out how much money they will spend or save. This will save yours and your employees' time so that you can focus on other areas in your business. On the other hand, potential clients or regular ones will be thrilled with the idea of not having to wait on the phone. Instead, they can simply go to your website and do the calculation on their own. Now, that is what we call a real deal.

Online price calculator will help you to outrank your competitors easily because of much better experience your customers will get from your website. It's one of the most important SEO tactics nowadays.

Of course, if your customers do not know how to use a price calculator on your website, your customer service should be there for them and explain to them how to do that. But, price calculators are usually easy to use, so your customers should not have any trouble with doing the calculations.

But, how one can know which price calculators can be embedded into a website as well as which one to choose? Well, there is no need to worry about that, because we’ve got you (or should we say your website) covered.

If you are on a quest to finding a reliable price calculator for your website, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect article, so stick with us. In this article, we present you five best price calculators that make easy work of calculating prices and discounts, leaving your clients satisfied. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these price calculators, to help you make an informed decision when buying any of them.

1. WooPrice Calculator


The Woo Price Calculator will be a great addition to your website, whether you opt for a free version or want to upgrade to a PRO version.

What makes this calculator stand out from the crowd is its convenience. Namely, this is the very first WooCommerce add-on that gives you the chance to create variable prices for products you want. Setting the prices will depend on the features that your customers have chosen.

We know that this program might seem confusing and complex, but it is actually very simple to install and use. So, you don’t have to be a programmer in order to use this extension. Moreover, there are the instructions for the installation, as well as a video tutorial in which you will see how to use the calculator.

But, even if you do experience some difficulties with the installation or setup, you can always turn to the support service. In fact, chances are, that you will probably encounter a small issue when forming the prices, whether you have some experience with using Excel spreadsheets or not. But, this is normal, and there is no need to worry about that. Really, whichever problem you come across, there is an excellent support team that will gladly help you. This is one more reason why this price calculator is the number one on our list.

Also, your customers will be able to change the variables of products. In order to understand this part, let us explain to you how this extension actually works. The features of your products will match variables of those products, through mathematical formulas. This means that the clients can go to your website and alter the variables by way of choosing certain features about the products. So, they can right away alter the final value of a certain product as well as their shopping cart.

When it comes to what you get with this extension, there are two versions. With the free version, you get one custom theme and you will be able to plan five fields. This is okay if you don't need more than that.

However, if you need more options and features, then you can opt for the PRO version. Needless to say, this version will provide a much better user experience, as it comes with a plenty of features and tools. In addition, it will make your work a whole lot easier. Some of the functions you get are:

  • Unlimited fields
  • Sorting product fields
  • Uploading Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • PHP7 compatibility
  • 3 custom themes
  • Translating fields labels and values

  • Excellent support service
  • Available in free and paid versions
  • Easy to install
  • There are instructions and a video tutorial to help you install and use this extension
  • Ideal for setting variable prices for your products

  • Free version has fewer features and options
  • You will probably need to call the support and ask them few questions

2. Cost Calculator - WordPress Plugin

Cost Calculator

Another price calculator worth mentioning is the Cost Calculator. If you are not a fan of free versions, in spite of the fact that there are not any costs you need to pay; then chances are you are looking for a reliable cost calculator to embed in your Wordpress website. We all know that we get what we pay for. So, we advise you to get this cleverly designed cost calculator as it will not let you down. In fact, you, our friend, will be impressed.

Namely, this unit is designed with simplicity in mind. It is a great choice for those of you who have never before used price calculators because it is that simple to use. This calculator is versatile and can be used as project price, quote, and estimation extension so you can easily create price estimations formulas for your website. That being said, with the Cost Calculator you will save your time because you will be able to promptly calculate what you need.

The reason why this extension is so easy to use is that of respective short codes. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, here’s a quick explanation. Shortcodes in Wordpress refer to special tags in coding that allow you to do things with little to no effort. In other words, shortcodes enable you to do things without going through much of a hassle like you normally would when it comes to coding.

What also adds to ease of use is that The Cost Calculator is meant for usage together with Rapid Composer or Visual Composer. Finally, this extension comes with Multilanguage packages, so you will not have any trouble with translating interface elements.

As far as form elements are concerned, here is what you get with this calculator:

  • Textbox
  • Numeric sliders
  • Dropdown menu
  • Images icons
  • On/Off switcher
  • Contact forms

Know that you can add value to any of the form elements we just mentioned. That value will be automatically added to the overall value of the product's price. Thanks to the Slider control, you can add fixed costs without worrying about volume. Moreover, there is accent color property that makes changing the color scheme a breeze.

What you and your customers will surely appreciate about this calculator is its responsiveness. Specifically, the Cost Calculator can be used on any device, from your smartphone to computer, to your tablet. Better yet, it will automatically adjust to Rapid Composer and Visual Composer grid. But that is not all. The extension comes with free updates, so keeping up-to-date with changes will be easy.

Another great thing about this extension is PayPal support. This calculator features PayPal integration, so form elements can be easily added to the total sum.

Like with the previous calculator, with this one also you get great customer support. So, don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They are patient and polite and will give their best to help you solve your issue.

As for the downside, there is not a free version, like with the previous product we talked about. However, this price calculator is definitely a worthy investment, so you won’t regret buying it. Another downfall is that this extension doesn’t work with WHMCS and similar plugins. Also, if you don’t have Visual Composer, be prepared to alter shortcodes by yourself, which is time-consuming.

Overall, the Cost Calculator is simple to use if you have Visual Composer or Rapid Composer and comes with handy functions. If you are willing to invest in a good price calculator, well, this is the way to go.

  • Simple to use
  • User-friendly
  • Respective shortcodes
  • Can be used on any device, from a smartphone to a tablet
  • PayPal support
  • Free updates
  • Great support team
  • Multilanguage

  • There is no free version
  • Cannot be integrated with WHMCS and similar plugins
  • If you don’t have Visual Composer, you will have to change shortcodes on your own

3. Simple Price Calculator (Basic)

Simple Price Calculator

For those looking for a simple price calculator, this is a real deal. Here we have a WordPress plugin that makes easy work of transforming HTML based forms into price calculation forms.

This plugin is designed both for beginners and experienced programmers, so using it will not be a hard task. Since this Wordpress extension is simple and basic, it can be used for various industries. You can use it for setting instant price quotes, or estimations for your services or products, giving your visitors useful and concrete info. But how to do that – you ask. Well, easily and promptly. You just need to create a form and arrange a few attributes, and voila – the form is ready. This leads us to the next important feature of this calculator.

Simple Price Calculator - Settings

What you will appreciate about this price calculator is that it is easy to customize. Thanks to this, you can adjust this Wordpress extension to your needs, which will save your time. Furthermore, you can add radio buttons and check boxes which only add up to the simplicity of this price calculator.

The installation is easy, and the instructions can be found on website. In addition to that, you can always ask for help should you have any problems or questions. The team at WordPress is very responsive thus will help you right away. But, before you call them, take a look at the FAQ section, because you might find the answer to your question there. The explanations are short and easy-to-understand, so you will surely benefit from them.

Like our first price calculator, this one also comes in two versions – free and paid.

In case you want more features such as email functionality, form tag generator, more HTML elements when it comes to pricing, etc. then you can choose a Premium version that costs $15. One thing to note here is that in a free version you don’t get to choose the currency symbol. Meaning, $ currency symbol is the only one available, so if you don’t operate in dollars, this will be an issue, forcing you to buy the Premium version.

  • Designed for setting instant price quotes, or estimations for your services or products
  • Easy to customize
  • Comes in free and paid versions
  • You can add radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Easy to install
  • Great customer support
  • If you don’t use $ for operating your business, you have to get a Premium version

4. OMNI Discount Calculator

OMNI Discount Calculator

Our fourth price calculator is a breeze to use, as well as to embed into your website. Here we are talking about the OMNI discount calculator – a handy unit that gives accurate results. Thanks to it, you will know how much money you save and you can also set up the price with the discount. This will help you determine the reduced price of your products much faster and a whole lot easier. There is a video tutorial that shows you how to calculate sale and discount price if you are not sure how to do it.

On the other hand, this price calculator is also very practical for your customers, if you offer coupons and discounts. With this unit, they can easily discover the amount of money they will save, knowing what to expect.

This price calculator is free, thus this is all that it offers. So, don't expect it to come with all the bells and whistles like paid versions do. Still, the Discount calculator is great for anyone website owner who wants to set the sale and reduced price without too much struggle.

  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for calculating sale and reduced price of your products
  • Great for beginners
  • User friendly
  • Your customer will love it as it is very useful
  • This is a basic discount calculator

5. Price Calculator

Price Calculator

Anyone looking for a free price calculator that doesn't come with fancy features should take a look at this classic price calculator. It is a good choice for those of who don’t want to bother with many functions and features but would rather use a simple price calculator.

Thanks to its simple design, you will not have any difficulty to embed it into your website. It is reliable, so calculating the selling price of your products will be easy and precise. This calculator uses the desired cost margin and the existing cost of a product in order to calculate the selling price.

What you will find useful are price formulas that are placed below the calculator. Thanks to that, you will always know how to do calculations. In addition to that, you will not have to worry whether or not you forgot a certain type of formula.

On the downside, this price calculator doesn’t have much to offer. Compared to previously mentioned price calculators (paid versions), this one is a good choice only for basic calculations. Even though this price calculator doesn’t have a stylish interface and numerous features, it will still do the trick.

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to embed into your website
  • Ideal for those who don’t want to bother with numerous functions and features
  • Doesn’t come with many features
  • Basic

6. ConvertCalculator

Price Calculator

Another price calculator tool worth mentioning is ConvertCalculator. It has really powerful features but it is also super simple to build a price calculator. Embedding is also super fast and easy with detailed instructions for embedding on Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly and more. It is not a free tool (although they offer a capped free plan), but it is the most powerful tool on this list!

ConvertCalculator believes that a web calculator will increase sales and engagement. It allows you (a website owner) to show prospects and clients the real value of a product. This will benefit at least a prospect’s engagement with your brand, but will most likely increase ROI too. Next to a price calculator, you can use ConvertCalculator to let visitors calculate cost savings, time savings, added value, growth, ROI or complex financial calculations.

ConvertCalculator is easy-to-use. Really, really easy-to-use. You can setup a calculator in a matter of minutes by adding range or multiple choice questions and adding a simple formula (which works almost exactly like an Excel formula). It was so easy that my mother could do it! They provide detailed instructions on how to embed your calculator on your website (if you use Squarespace, Weebly, Webflow, Wix or a custom CMS), but also offer a plugin for Wordpress. There is really no coding required!

That it’s easy to use, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. The formula builder for instance, can handle quite complex calculations, like:

  • Use the values of questions to add, subtract, multiply, divide, exponentiate and use all other numbers you want to make your calculation
  • Use custom value types (e.g. price, amount, duration, etc.)
  • IF / ELSE statements
  • Use table values (rows and columns) as input for calculations
  • Complex financial calculations (e.g. future value (FV) and periodic payment for an annuity (PMT)

So if, for instance, you want to recommend a certain product based on some questions / parameters, ConvertCalculator has got you covered. Or if you need visitors to calculate the future value of a investment; you can do that. Or your pricing is based on a huge table of prices (e.g. product-type and quantity), that’s easy too. There is a lot more you can do, but not everything is documented. Luckily the founder answers all your questions and helps with setup.

Yes, you read it correctly. ConvertCalculator offers concierge setup and technical support. This means that you can contact them (it’s really just the guy who developed it) with all your questions, and they help you getting your web calculator in front of your audience.

ConvertCalculator works as a JavaScript embed. This means that the style of the calculator adapts to the style of your website. That’s really neat! But it also means that designers who know how to code CSS can design it in whatever way they want! Oh and I mentioned concierge setup, so if you don’t know CSS just ask the guy to do it.

Last but not least, ConvertCalculator is perfect for lead generation! You can either choose to include a simple CTA button or a more advanced form to capture leads. This means that you can actually convert visitors directly on your website or make your calculator a “price quote calculator”.

  • Easy to use (no coding skills) / setup anywhere
  • Very powerful formula builder
  • Concierge setup and technical support
  • Designer friendly with custom CSS
  • Perfect for lead generation
  • There is no unlimited free version available

7. InteractiveCalculator

InteractiveCalculator is another great option whether you need a simple pricing calculator or a complex multi-page price estimating tool.

This calculator has all the usual elements like a slider, incrementer, checkbox, date picker, product list and more. Where it stands out is the clean formula builder which allows you to use the value of any element on the page simply by typing the "@" character inside the formula builder. You can make any type of calculations using excel formulas.

The calculator can simply display estimates as visitors fill in the fields or it can be used to gather leads. It's easy to make it blend with any website because it's embedded on the website through JavaScript (no iframes used). That means it will take over the style of the page it's in and you can further update it's style with CSS. Should you need more customizing it comes free with any plan.

Another nice feature is a "List mode" which makes the editor show only a list of all the elements. This is particularly useful for large calculator with many elements, where it can be a bit tricky to keep track of everything.


  • Will work with any website platform like Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, or a custom coded website
  • Multi-page calculators
  • Affordable
  • Free concierge service
  • Easy to work with many elements

  • not enough documentation


And there you have it folks – 7 best price calculators that can be embedded into your website. If you are a website owner looking to upgrade your website and make things go smoothly, now you know which price calculators are ideal for that. We gave our best to present you all the good and the bad of these products, so as to help you gain a clear picture of what to expect. Whichever of the price calculators you opt for, rest assured that it is reliable and worth your attention, giving a good user experience.

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