How To Use LinkLifting Effectively

Best Practices

How to Choose Keywords

In most cases our system suggest most effective keywords automatically. We recommend to keep them. And you are welcome to add your own keywords. The more keywords you use, the more natural it looks to the search engines, the more your get from LinkLifting.

We strongly recommend to use at least 5-10 keywords to promotion of a single project. Our most successful clients use 20-30 keywords per project.

Below are some important rules for choosing right keywords.

Use the keywords that exactly describes your product/service

Think of what makes your product/service unique.

Less effective More effective
Chicago Limo Service
Chicago Airport Limo Service
Cheap Chicago Limo Service
Best Chicago Limo Service
Wedding Chicago Limo Service
Chicago Black Car Service

Use multiple keyword variations

It's more effective to use 5 similar keywords for $20 each, than one keyword for $100. Shuffle words, use synonyms.

Less effective More effective
Chicago Airport Limo Service ($100)
Chicago Airport Limo Service ($20)
Airport Limo Service in Chicago ($20)
Limo Service in Chicago Airport ($20)
Chicago Limousine Service ($20)
Airport Limousine Service in Chicago ($20)

If your product/service is local, use location information in your keywords

Less effective More effective
Airport Limo Service Chicago Airport Limo Service

Is Your Budget Optimal?

We recommend to spend at least $150 for new or small (less than 100 pages) websites, and at least $250 for medium-sized websites.

Keep Your Monthly Budget Sufficient

The more you invest in SEO, the more effective it becomes. It's proved by our retention ratio: the more an average client invests into a project, the longer he/she stays with us.

Monthly Budget
(those who stay 6+ months with us)
$50 - $200 48%
$201 - $500 61%
above $500 74%

Wait for Results

SEO is like growing your muscles - when you start working out, you will see first results in a month, but it may take 3-6 months before beach girls (or boys) start to admire you ;)

Avoid of Your Project "Flashing"

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.
And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

SEO is an ongoing process and your successful competitors are running, too. Switching your project off will result in position downgrade, and it will take much more time to gain your previous results again.

You can subscribe for pre-approved payments via PayPal to avoid an occasional balance exhausting, and you will get 10% extra credit for each automatic payment.

Is Your Site SEO-Ready?

A common rule is as follows: the more pages your website has, the better it fits for SEO.

Number of Website Pages Recommended Marketing Channels
less than 10 PPC, Banner, E-mail
10 - 100 PPC, SEO, E-mail
More than 100 SEO, PPC

Try to create a separate page for each of your product or service. If your website has not enough pages, consider adding a blog, news, customer reviews, product comparison.

How to Check Results

The most important metrics are your visitors/leads/sales. We monitor just a few keywords you added, but there are a lot of long-tail less-competitive keywords that bring you traffic/leads/sales – those keywords are raising, too.

As long as we promote your entire website, its rank raises and positions of long-tail keywords improve as well. Consequently, you get more traffic, that is why your most important metrics should be your ROI. We are on the same side — the more sales you get, longer you stay with us.

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