How to Write an SEO Article for an e-Commerce Website

These are the main elements that should be in your article:

  1. The text of the article, which completely reveals what is stated in the topic of the article.
  2. The original images for the article.
  3. The original video for the article.

The text should be neither too long nor too short. The text should present all the important information on the topic. Article topics are different, therefore, the presentation of the topic of the article should also be different.

For example, the article "How to grow corn" is quite extensive and cannot be less than 15,000 characters. There's a lot to describe - where to buy and how to choose the right seeds, how to farm the field, in what numbers to plant corn, how to fertilize it, how to deal with pests, etc.

Or another article "How to connect 2 power blocks for a mining farm". In this case, the text size is at most 2,500 characters, since everything is quite simple.

There is no need to increase the volume of articles with unnecessary empty words that extend the article. This greatly reduces the reader’s behavioral metrics for the article.

The user wants to understand the meaning of the article as quickly as possible and ATTAIN ALL THE ANSWERS FOR THEMSELVES (AS A READER OF THE ARTICLE).

Therefore, the article should not be too small or too large. It should only include what it takes for the reader to get all the answers for themselves. If the reader does not receive answers from your article, they proceed to look for these same answers in another article. And this has a negative effect on the ranking of your article.

Example of a good article:
In this article, everything is described in such a manner that even a novice gains a basic understanding. In addition, the article should use original images and video.

Why utilize the original images or screenshots? The answer is quite simple. These images will appear in the image search results, and with each of these images, there will be a link to your article. And this increases the organic external factors for the site, and therefore increases its positioning as a trusted website.

It is quite easy to take an original photo. You can simply do it yourself using your phone. Or take screenshots. Original image for SEO articles

At the end of the article, you can also publish videos. Typically, this involves a retelling of the entire article, possibly including some comments. Video footage can also be filmed on the phone or by making a screencast. The quality of the images and the video is not highly important, only the meaning really matters.

Overall, the video is very important, because if a person who reads the article still has questions at the end, looking at the video is very likely to provide some answers to their questions. And in general, the reader will spend a lot of time visiting the page.

Another small plus of video is related to the PR aspects of your Youtube channel by attaining and increasing the click-through rate from this video to your article.

The most important factor is to understand the proportional aspects, what is required and what is not. You simply need to accurately answer the questions related to the article and talk specifically about the contents of the article.

Moreover, you need to understand that the reader may not comprehend some of the things stated in the text. For example, you may be talking about some type of rocket technology. In order for the reader to understand what is being stated, immediately after the proposal for this technology, it is necessary to introduce an image of the related technology.

No superfluous words should be included. Only include words with respect to the subject matter of the article. Often, one or two extra suggestions may force the reader to stop reading your article.

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