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The world of real estate is extremely competitive in all facets due to the money available to make. Digital marketing is more important for realtors than ever as ranking at the top of search results can yield numerous leads that a skilled real estate professional can convert. LinkLifting understands how to market for realtors through utilizing various experts with decades of experience combined. The importance of landing a client cannot be stressed enough as with the right customer service, a realtor could find a customer for life. Below are the different ways that LinkLifting can help a realtor take their business to the next level!

Building Backlinks for Real Estate Listings

Backlinks that are built on relevant and high-quality publications can be a huge help to a realtor. Not only can this drive organic traffic to a realtor’s website but it can also help them climb search engine rankings. A potential homebuyer is not going to go past the first few search results if they found what they are looking for. All backlinks are not created equal as a backlink on a website that is built simply to sell links can result in a realtor’s website being penalized by Google.

How we help real estate agents: Our backlinking tactics adhere to Google guidelines while maximizing the reach of a realtor’s website. Driving organic traffic through efficient backlinking tactics can result in far more leads and lack of need to spend marketing budget elsewhere.

Climbing Search Engine Results

The search engines are an important part of every business including that of realtor’s in the digital age. The right search engine rankings can create leads and help a realtor establish themselves as an authority the local market. A variety of aspects impact search engine rankings including backlinks, keywords in content, page speed, and keyword tagging throughout a website. Taking care of all of these things needs to be done by professionals like LinkLifting as those that are inexperienced in the niche could make mistakes.

We make this easier by: Driving traffic and helping clients jump up the search engine results for competitive keywords is what LinkLifting prides itself on. Understanding what keywords to target in order to drive sales when building backlinks/content takes an expert. The wrong keyword research can lead to quite a bit of marketing spend without the return that a realtor will want. Page speed can also be fixed when an expert is on the job as small aspects like reducing redirects needs to be done. A person without a tech background might have trouble fixing these technical errors while our experts understand what to look for.

Press Release Distribution/Video Marketing

Video marketing about the health of the local real estate market or press release distribution can easily showcase the knowledge that a realtor has. People want to hire a realtor that not only knows the local area but also understands the direction it will take in the coming years. LinkLifting can help present this content to those in a realtor’s target demographic which can offer immense results in a relatively short period of time.

Our established connections allow us to: LinkLifting has had success marketing real estate-based businesses in the past. The established connections to real estate publications as well as numerous local news publications allows for a press release to reach a maximum amount of readers in the realtor’s target demographic. Getting your name out there will be far easier when utilizing these services instead of doing manual outreach which alone can be a full-time job.

Set Your Budget And Adjust As Needed

The ability to set a budget from month to month is important as at times certain parts of the year are slow for selling properties. The holiday season is the perfect example as children are in the middle of school and moving during the holidays is not too common. The truth about SEO is that there should be a monthly budget set aside for marketing. LinkLifting can help a realtor stay ahead of the competition if their competitors do not have a commitment to their digital marketing.

We provide this unique pricing structure to: LinkLifting understands that specific times of the year need a marketing push due to being a bit slower than others. Turning slow months into months where your real estate business is thriving should be the goal of enlisting professionals like those at LinkLifting. Digital marketing experts at LinkLifting can provide results that will be clearly explained to you. Seeing real time results and traffic coming to the website will provide an unbelievable feeling. The ability to focus on current clients and leaving client acquisition to marketing experts will reduce your professional stress significantly!

Still impressed here.
I wouldn't mind normally, but since you are my secret weapon right now, it'd be giving the game away.

Dominic, UK

After using Linklifting for a month we started to see great improvements in Google ranking for our most important keywords. Following LinkLiftnings recommendations for optimizing our site was easy but took some time to complete. After doing that and running our subscription for a month, the investment started to pay off. Now we are looking forward to even better results in the weeks to come.
Ulf Mansson,

Link Lifting is an integral part of our SEO. It works great in an niche market and for boosting new created pages. I personally use it and find it very user friendly - there was virtually no learning curve. I like that I can set my budget, accept their recommendations or input my own keywords. Link Lifting has more than my expectations which is why we have been using it with great success for more than two years now.

As established home decor and furniture online business, when it comes to services we’re very careful. Linklifting has been a precious tool to complement and integrate our SEO strategy to enhance our tactics. Thanks to its dashboard and easy-to-use campaign manager, setting up goals and tracking the performance is easy as 1-2-3. Highly recommended.
Francesco Marchese, Mobilificio Marchese

When I started using LinkLifting I was impressed by the speed at which I was getting links to my web site from high authority web sites. Over time our Google rankings continued to go up for important high traffic keywords.
Winston Tu,

Hi Alex, I am very happy with your services! The only issue I would have supplying a review is that if our competitors found that we were using you they may too which I wouldn't want, your services have been too good for us!
N. C.

Very impressed with the link building services offered by LinkLifting! We are a very tech savvy business and manage most of our SEO ourselves, however, link building is very challenging and demands a lot of time. We decided to try them out about a year ago and have been extremely satisfied since. Our organic positions instantly jumped up to first page on google for all keywords placed on LinkLifting and are steadily climbing since! A huge relief to have such great customer service as well. These guys are on the ball and very professional! We would definitely recommend them to anyone with a website!
Bjorn Tech, Tech!Espresso Computer Repair Calgary

LinkLifting has been amazing for my business. My keywords are top ranked in search engines. The customer service and assistance in choosing those keywords have been extremely helpful. I have spent thousands elsewhere for limited return in investment. LinkLifting has been worth every affordable dollar.
Wendy, "The HR Lady"

Awesome! I'm impressed, truly am. Link building is our toughest assignment and having the ability to outsource our link building means more time to bring in new business and generate great content, as well as everything else. I know for a fact these are the type of results people want. If you can make it better, do it. Develop more. The system works.
Richard Hale, Hale Associations

Wow, Alex I had to tell you that I am sooooo impressed with the results of the project! Amazing!!!! Please feel free to publish my feedback in your website.
Maria Calderon,

I have used Adwords and other SEO companies with very little success. I discovered LinkLifting and decided to give it a try. After one week, I saw some of my most important key words on the front of Google. I have never had this kind of success before. The process almost too easy and fast! I highly recommend LinkLifting.
Jeffrey Seppi,

I would love to give you a review, but as you can probably understand and see from our projects, that competition in this sector is fierce and anywhere my name or company name appears, they will track this and then look to engage similar companies or methods of SEO. I apologise, but I simply cannot do this.
Undisclosed User

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