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Total suggested cost:
Improve rankings!
It is possible to change keywords, budgets and URLs at any time later.

What is included?

1. Monthly link building: based on your project settings, we will continuously create quality backlinks to
2. Human-driven website audit: our team will manually check website to analyze website appearance in Google for targeted keywords (serp checker, how many google searches per day, serp rank checker, google serp checker, how many people use google a day etc.) and create a specific list of recommended improvements.
3. Position monitoring: we will check your keyword (serp checker, how many google searches per day, serp rank checker, google serp checker, how many people use google a day etc.) positions daily to track all fluctuations and to give you an opportunity to monitor your project's performance in a long run.
4. Competitive analysis and monitoring: we evaluate an SEO-performance of your competitors (,,,, and come up with what you can borrow from them.

Frequently asked questions

What is LinkLifting?
LinkLifting is a Link Building and SEO service, which helps businesses to be ranked higher in the search engines, and thus get more organic search traffic and leads/sales. We create quality backlinks and provide onsite SEO advice.

How long should I pay?
Many of our customers observe first positive results (organic traffic and position improvements) in just one month, while getting more valuable results may require several months of service. The longer you stay with us, the more your website grows. But there is no long-term commitment, you can cancel anytime.

Can you help me with my project?
Yes, sure, we will help you with your project set-up. Please create an account above and contact us via an internal message or email:

Are there any other offers?

Is it safe for
Yes: we don't do blackhat SEO, so no website has been penalized by Google since our launch in 2015.

Other frequently asked questions

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