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First of all, LinkLifting is a link building service. Depending on budget of the project, we create quality backlinks to your website, which are still an important factor of getting the best results in Google and other search engines.


 Human-Driven Website Analysis

Our team manually checks every website and keyword, analyze website appearance in Google and creates a specific list of recommended improvements. The list is updated on regular basis to keep the achieved results. We also analyze performance of particular keywords, and provide helpful tips on how to improve their rankings.



Linklifting checks your website's position for all of your keywords daily to track all rises and falls and to give you an opportunity to monitor your project's performance in a long run. You can also specify your competitors to compare your keyword rankings with their results.


 Extra Services

Our Extra Services include press release and video marketing. With press releases you get natural links from multiple outside sources, immediate visibility and referral traffic, brand recognition, and mentioning in Google news. Videos are an important part of the browsing experience, and can help you stand out from your competitors.



No matter how small or big your SEO goals are, you have full control of your spending when you use LinkLifting. Our system will automatically suggest a budget for your website based on your target SEO keywords, but you are free to adjust it at any moment in your campaign.

Results are visible and easy to control

You can easily monitor the performance of your projects using third party reporting software.
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What people say about LinkLifting

Awesome! I'm impressed, truly am. Link building is our toughest assignment and having the ability to outsource our link building means more time to bring in new business and generate great content, as well as everything else. I know for a fact these are the type of results people want. If you can make it better, do it. Develop more. The system works.
Richard Hale, Hale Associations

We were able to significantly reduce our expenditures for Google SEO with LinkLifting. If you need an SEO automation, I don’t think you can find a service better than LinkLifting.
Jerome Wauters, Greater Atlanta Area

I would love to give you a review, but as you can probably understand and see from our projects, that competition in this sector is fierce and anywhere my name or company name appears, they will track this and then look to engage similar companies or methods of SEO. I apologise, but I simply cannot do this.
Undisclosed User

I have used Adwords and other SEO companies with very little success. I discovered LinkLifting and decided to give it a try. After one week, I saw some of my most important key words on the front of Google. I have never had this kind of success before. The process almost too easy and fast! I highly recommend LinkLifting.
Jeffrey Seppi,

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We are a team of Europe-based internet marketing professionals with over 10-year experience. Our headquarters are located in suburbs of Helsinki, Finland.

Join LinkLifting if you are looking for a SEO company that delivers ;)

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