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How can LinkLifting help me?
LinkLifting is a backlink service that can help you to get backlinks and improve your website's Google rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost domain authority.

How does it work?
You provide the keywords you want to rank for, and we build quality backlinks to your website. Using a mix of link sources, we help your site achieve higher rankings for those keywords on Google.

How much does it cost?
Typical budgets vary from $200 to $1,000 per month and mostly depend on the competition. You have complete control of the expenses, and there is no long-term commitment. The more your budget is, the more backlinks are created every month, the faster your website's positions grow.

Are your backlinks permanent?
Most of our backlinks are placed permanently, but we also tend to use leased links to get better results with lower costs. Such a combination has the best ROI, according to our ongoing tests. Leased backlinks may disappear if the project is no longer active.

What are the Domain Authorities and Pages Authorities (DA and PA by MOZ) of your backlink sources?
Leased backlinks are placed on the websites with DA from 15 to 45 and PA from 15 to 35. Permanent backlinks are placed on the websites with DA from 10 to 95 and pages with PA from 10 to 65.

Are the backlinks do-follow?
We focus on creating primarily dofollow backlinks, ensuring that the vast majority are dofollow. However, some backlinks may be nofollow to create a more natural backlink profile for your website. We also mix anchors and use branded and bare URL anchors.

What kind of websites are accepted?
Most of our customers are small businesses, and they use LinkLifting for their business websites. However, you can also use the service to promote a personal blog, a hobby website, or any side project. Please note that we do not work with illegal websites.

Do you create backlinks to English language websites only?
No, LinkLifting works perfectly for almost all languages. We have a lot of experience working with websites in foreign languages.

What is the minimum monthly budget?
The minimum budget is just $150 per month.

How long does it take to get to the top of Google search results?
Most of our customers observe the first positive results in one month: organic traffic increase and position improvements. However, getting more valuable results may take more than three months (depending on your website niche and many other factors).

Is it safe for my website? Are your backlinks whitehat?
Using LinkLifting is safe: none of our clients was ever knocked down by Google since our launch in 2015.

How can I start my first project?
You need to enter a website, choose keywords, and pay for the first month of service to start a project.

Can I outsource my SEO projects to you?
Yes, we work with SEO agencies and freelancers too.

How to use LinkLifting?

Enter your website address

Enter your website address to get started. Our system will analyze the current performance, search engine rankings, and suggest target keywords for the website.

Choose target keywords

Choose at least three target keywords for your project. You can either enter your keywords or use the suggested ones.

We will automatically calculate a recommended budget for your website based on entered keywords, but you are free to adjust it at any moment of your campaign.

Activate the project

Activate the project by making a deposit for the first month of the service. Your account balance will then be debited daily to give you full control of your spending.

There are no setup fees or hidden costs. No long-term commitment. Pay as you go.

Get the links for your website

Depending on your budget, we will continuously build, buy and lease backlinks for your website in a cost-effective manner.

You will get the first links for your website almost instantly though it will take some time to build a solid backlink portfolio.

Start noticing improvements in search engine rankings

Approximately in three or four weeks, you should start noticing improvements in search engine rankings. Respectively your website traffic from Search Engines will increase. It usually takes three to six months to achieve the best results.

During this time, Linklifting will check your website's position for all of your keywords daily to track all rises and falls and to allow you to monitor your project's performance in the long run.

Open Results, Confirm with Third Parties

We will check the positions of your website daily, and update the Domain Authority and the performance of long-tail keywords monthly.

However, you can quickly double-check the main parameters of your website (organic search traffic, Google rankings and number of backlinks) using third-party reporting software.
What Our Customers say
Still impressed here.

I wouldn't mind normally, but since you are my secret weapon right now, it'd be giving the game away.

Dominic, UK
After using Linklifting for a month we started to see great improvements in Google ranking for our most important keywords. Following LinkLiftnings recommendations for optimizing our site was easy but took some time to complete. After doing that and running our subscription for a month, the investment started to pay off. Now we are looking forward to even better results in the weeks to come.

Ulf Mansson,
Link Lifting is an integral part of our SEO. It works great in an niche market and for boosting new created pages. I personally use it and find it very user friendly - there was virtually no learning curve. I like that I can set my budget, accept their recommendations or input my own keywords. Link Lifting has more than my expectations which is why we have been using it with great success for more than two years now.

As established home decor and furniture online business, when it comes to services we’re very careful. Linklifting has been a precious tool to complement and integrate our SEO strategy to enhance our tactics. Thanks to its dashboard and easy-to-use campaign manager, setting up goals and tracking the performance is easy as 1-2-3. Highly recommended.

Francesco Marchese, Mobilificio Marchese
When I started using LinkLifting I was impressed by the speed at which I was getting links to my web site from high authority web sites. Over time our Google rankings continued to go up for important high traffic keywords.

Winston Tu,
Hi Alex, I am very happy with your services! The only issue I would have supplying a review is that if our competitors found that we were using you they may too which I wouldn't want, your services have been too good for us!

N. C.
Very impressed with the link building services offered by LinkLifting! We are a very tech savvy business and manage most of our SEO ourselves, however, link building is very challenging and demands a lot of time. We decided to try them out about a year ago and have been extremely satisfied since. Our organic positions instantly jumped up to first page on google for all keywords placed on LinkLifting and are steadily climbing since! A huge relief to have such great customer service as well. These guys are on the ball and very professional! We would definitely recommend them to anyone with a website!

Bjorn Tech, Tech!Espresso Computer Repair Calgary
LinkLifting has been amazing for my business. My keywords are top ranked in search engines. The customer service and assistance in choosing those keywords have been extremely helpful. I have spent thousands elsewhere for limited return in investment. LinkLifting has been worth every affordable dollar.

Wendy, "The HR Lady"
Awesome! I'm impressed, truly am. Link building is our toughest assignment and having the ability to outsource our link building means more time to bring in new business and generate great content, as well as everything else. I know for a fact these are the type of results people want. If you can make it better, do it. Develop more. The system works.

Richard Hale, Hale Associations
We were able to significantly reduce our expenditures for Google SEO with LinkLifting. If you need an SEO automation, I don’t think you can find a service better than LinkLifting.

Jerome Wauters, Greater Atlanta Area
I would love to give you a review, but as you can probably understand and see from our projects, that competition in this sector is fierce and anywhere my name or company name appears, they will track this and then look to engage similar companies or methods of SEO. I apologise, but I simply cannot do this.

Undisclosed User
I have used Adwords and other SEO companies with very little success. I discovered LinkLifting and decided to give it a try. After one week, I saw some of my most important key words on the front of Google. I have never had this kind of success before. The process almost too easy and fast! I highly recommend LinkLifting.

Jeffrey Seppi,

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